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A View of Concrete


“Peter Mountford’s direction of the piece introduces considerable dynamism to the stage. There is a prominent choreographic aspect to his work that aims to engage us visually, which also demands of his cast, a level of exertion to keep energies high and sustained.”

Suzy Wong

“This was the most impressive piece I have seen at King St Theatre in quite a while. The cast almost danced around each other, often using each other as props or becoming a part of the set.” 


“In an inspired burst of creativity, Mountford likens this dystopia to that of a cartoon world, utilising Mickey Mouse ears, Sleeping Beauty songs and Peter Pan dialogue to suggest that escapism into Disney-like dreams is the key to survival. It’s an intriguing concept, and one that blurs the lines between truth and imagination in one drug-induced haze.” 

Stephanie Yip, The Brag

by Gareth Ellis
Directed by Peter Mountford
A View of Concrete
Gbod Theatre View of Concrete.jpg

Matt Longman - A View of Concrete

Photo by Richard Hedger

Tim Dashwood and Taryn Brine - A View of Concrete

Photo by Richard Hedger


Taryn Brine, Tim Dashwood, Rebecca Martin - A View of Concrete


Taryn Brine, Tim Dashwood - A View of Concrete

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