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The Harp in the South - Development

In 2013 & 2014 G.bod Theatre in association with NIDA Independent, developed a new adaptation of Ruth Park's classic Australian novel. This was the first adaptation approved by Ruth Park's estate since 1949. An invited audience saw the development in progress, at NIDA, in both 2013 and 2014. The adaptation has yet to be professionally staged. 


Jamie Irvine, Emma Playfair, Rebecca Barbera, Jason Perrini, Robert Jago, G.bod Theatre & NIDA Independent


Emma Playfair, Jason Perini, Lyn Lee, Rebecca Barbera, Lara Rosenthal - The Harp in the South Development 2


Alfie Miyagi, Julie Goss, Sarah Hone, Rebecca Barbera, John Shrimpton, Emily Rose Brennan, Tim Reuben, Ana Maria Belo, Lara Rosenthal, Jason Perini - The Harp in the South Development 1


Emily Rose Brennan, Tom Campbell, John Shrimpton, Tim Reuben, Lara Rosenthal, Sarah Hone, Rebecca Barbera, Alfie Miyagi, Jason Perini, Ana Maria Belo, Julie Goss - The Harp in the South Development 1


Julie Goss, Tom Campbell - The Harp in the South Development 1

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