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Devised by Peter Mountford and Garth Holcombe, from an original idea by Peter Mountford. Directed by Peter Mountford


"Wyngarde! A Celebration is a re-framing of the personality, an insistence that we look at old narratives with new eyes, to form a history that makes sense in terms of how we experience the world today. It gives us, something with more integrity than we are perhaps accustom to,"

Suzy Goes See

"Holcombe gives us a Wyngarde whose brash, cool hipness is a facade for the lonely, traumatised man within. It is a surprisingly delicate and fragile monologue There is an intelligence in the material chosen and the choices made reflect thoughtful, well-researched discussion between actor and director."

Kate Stratford, Theatre Now Sydney

Wyngarde Money Shot.jpg

Garth Holcombe as Peter Wyngarde.

Photo by Richard Hedger


"Holcombe brings this eccentric personality to life in a warmly entertaining hour of glass-in hand storytelling. "

Jason Blake, Audrey Journal

"It is so interesting to see these two works together and observe the gifted 'sleight-of-hand' that Mr Mountford brings to both the works, as a Writer and a Director. Seen individually, the skill of the artist might not be really noticed, seen as a pair, his skill shines through and deserves full appreciation. The angle from which he approaches and enters the lives of these artists and the balance of text, mime, 'dance' and costume changing to create mood and propulsion for the storytelling are all moderated into theatrical gestures that give pause and, maybe, depth, to the proceedings."

Kevin Jackson's Theatre Diary


Garth Holcombe as Peter Wyngarde in Wyngarde! All photos by Richard Hedger

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